Customer satisfaction and future oriented enterprises

Our vision

Customer-Satisfaction and Future-Oriented
FMC we serve customers with our spirits and managerial confidence follow our aim of the future of sustainability.

Exemplary corporate goal of growing domestic and international waterproofing market, established in 2007 under the waterproof polyurethane and epoxy production based on industry domestic production of waterproof products of FMC rapidly grown.

FMC established since production has shaped waterproof scale know-how and competency-based differentiated products through aggressive investments, new research on the development forecast the future trend and launch new innovation products.

Unremitting efforts and innovation to meet the rapidly changing era, to be reborn as a leading company in this business functionality with an emphasis on the development of new materials, and green growth.

Stay tuned into the mind of a young man destined for the future FMC

Thank you.
– FMC All employees

Thai FMC

  • 2009. 01

MMA resin paint and Emulsion paint for bike paint Development

  • 2009. 06

Urea family development and sales

  • 2009. 12

Increased capital
(400 million)

  • 2011. 11

Capital increase
(800 million)

  • 2011. 11

Previous to the current factory (Baekhak Industrial Complex In Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do)

  • 2011. 12

Patent No. 10-1111415 Registration (High hardness UV-curable coating composition)

  • 2012. 01

ISO9001, 14001 obtaining (international standard Quality Assurance)

  • 2012. 01

Corporate R & D Institute for Certification (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

  • 2012. 05

Construction Materials Association Register(Construction of living environment Testing & Research Institute)

  • 2012. 07

Venture Company Certificate(Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation President)

  • 2012. 08

KS certified company registration (Korea Standards Association) KS F 3211 Urethane rubber 1 – Horizontal Bouillon, Urethane rubber Category 2 – Horizontal Bouillon, Bouillon vertical KS F 3888-2 1 species, 4 species

  • 2014. 03

KS F 4910 KS sillingjae KS Certification (Korea Standards Association)

  • 2014. 09

Sustainable Building Material Certification (Korea Clean Association)

  • 2014. 11

KS F 3888 2, 5 class, KS approved KS (Korea Standards Association)

  • 2015. 03

The Organization of Korean Standards (Korea Sports Institute Head of Industrial Association of Korea)

  • 2018. 07

Thai FMC was established