Customer satisfaction and future oriented enterprises

Our vision

Customer-Satisfaction and Future-Oriented
FMC does a customer only by spirits managerial confidence with the aim of companies aiming at family · the future. Exemplary corporate goal of growing domestic waterproofing market, established in 2007 under the Waterproof polyurethane, epoxy production started 10 years Know-How, based on the industry Domestic production of waterproof products the company has grown.

FMC established since production has shaped waterproof scale know-how and competency-based differentiated products through aggressive investments, new research on the development of new products by investing a lot of time look further becoming. Unremitting efforts and innovation to meet the rapidly changing era, to be reborn as a leading company in the business functionality with an emphasis on the development of new materials, and green growth.

Stay tuned us into the mind of a young man destined for the future FMC

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Thai FMC

  • 2009. 01

MMA resin paint and Emulsion paint for bike paint Development

  • 2009. 06

Urea family development and sales

  • 2009. 12

Increased capital
(400 million)

  • 2011. 11

Capital increase
(800 million)

  • 2011. 11

Previous to the current factory (Baekhak Industrial Complex In Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do)

  • 2011. 12

Patent No. 10-1111415 Registration (High hardness UV-curable coating composition)

  • 2012. 01

ISO9001, 14001 obtaining (international standard Quality Assurance)

  • 2012. 01

Corporate R & D Institute for Certification (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

  • 2012. 05

Construction Materials Association Register(Construction of living environment Testing & Research Institute)

  • 2012. 07

Venture Company Certificate(Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation President)

  • 2012. 08

KS certified company registration (Korea Standards Association) KS F 3211 Urethane rubber 1 – Horizontal Bouillon, Urethane rubber Category 2 – Horizontal Bouillon, Bouillon vertical KS F 3888-2 1 species, 4 species

  • 2014. 03

KS F 4910 KS sillingjae KS Certification (Korea Standards Association)

  • 2014. 09

Sustainable Building Material Certification (Korea Clean Association)

  • 2014. 11

KS F 3888 2, 5 class, KS approved KS (Korea Standards Association)

  • 2015. 03

The Organization of Korean Standards (Korea Sports Institute Head of Industrial Association of Korea)

  • 2018. 07

Thai FMC was established