It is a special paint which shows excellent adhesion effect on wet surface composed of special modified epoxy resin.
The primer is penetrated into the wetted surface concrete by the primary coating, It is a wetting-only primer consisting
of a composite method for holding the surface. 

Moisture curable polyurethane adhesive

Moisture curable polyurethane adhesive is used as adhesive for ABS door and fireproof door that are stuck to steel,
plywood, gypsum, synthetic resins, honeycomb and honey core.


  • Excellent adhesion and economical.
  • It is easy to work with one-component type, and the productivity is good because the curing speed is fast.
  • Good durability, heat resistance and impact strength.
  • It is foamed type, has a small amount of coating, and is excellent in heat insulation and sound absorption effect.
  • It is easy to manufacture products by separating seasons in winter, summer, and spring.

Polyurethane adhesive for PVC and wood profile

  • Polyurethane adhesive is used as adhesives for profile of PVC sheet and Film to wood and plastics.

Two component polyurethane gel

It is used as adhesives for cell phone holders and various pad adhesives using the sticky property of gel type.

  • Characteristic
  • Semi-permanent and removable, restoration of adhesion after washing with water in contamination with foreign matter



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