One-Components Non-Exposed Waterproofing Polyurethane

As buildings and structures become complex, high-rise, and diversified, the importance of
waterproofing becomes more important. It is possible to minimize defects even if unsponsored
balls are used, It is economical because it can form the top coat. It is self-leveling type, It is an
excellent product with no seam extension.


  • Safe waterproof product that anyone can use easilyand quickly.
  • Forms seamless waterproof layer and easymaintenance.
  • Self-leveling type one-part product, excellentworkability.
  • Can be used without organic solvent and hasless odor.
  • Excellent mechanical properties such as tensilestrength, tear strength and elongation.


  • Concrete waterproofing such as buildings andstructures
  • Toilet front and joint reinforcement products
  • Balcony, Terrace, Shower room, Laundry room,
  • Sauna etc. Waterproofing construction

Construction Methods

* The above construction conditions are common construction methods and can be applied differently depending on the site conditions. 

Project Info