Polyurethane for Water-Stop agent

Consist of urethane, urea reaction and hydration reaction of harmony. It is a reaction product of inorganic powders and
aggregates containing special additives. It also has strong chemical

PUL JUN-2000 Hard foam index agent

The one-pack type urethane rigid foaming agent is a hydrophobic type (hydrophobic) that tightly packs concrete cracks,
It reacts with a small amount of water or moisture, and is characterized by foaming while pushing out water. It is
a universal product with a low defect occurrence ratio and no shrinkage due to dense cell formation.

  • Purpose
  • Slabs, balconies, underground parking lots, etc. Typical for cracks and joint indexes.

PUL JUN-1000 Soft foaming agent

One-component urethane flexible foaming agent has a characteristic of reacting with water which is leaked by
the hydrophilic type (hydrophilic), It is applied where there is a lot of leakage of concrete underground structure.
It also forms an elastic foam, which is used in expansion joints with severe shrinkage and expansion, and in
areas with high vibration, and semi-permanently exposes them.

  • Purpose
  • Underground structures with large amounts of water leakage, heavy vibration structures, expansion joints.

PUL JUN-9000 High strength polyurethane

High Strength Urethane is a liquid type exponent reinforcement material, which can be used to mix cement and
base materials, so that curing time can be freely adjusted according to the degree of leakage. It exhibits high
mechanical properties after full curing. It is also a low viscosity type. It is a non-shrinkage index reinforcing
agent that penetrates even fine pores and exhibits excellent performance even on the wet side.

  • Purpose
  • Subway, tunnel, dam, cavity leaking area index and concrete structure leakage cracking index.

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