Polyurethane in Spray Form

We work with SPRAY injection system by machine, After 5-10 minutes with a fast cure system
ossible to walk and has excellent insulation effect compared to other insulation materials. 


  • Excellent effect of insulation performance
  • Very fast curing type and excellent workability
  • Good adhesion to adhered surface
  • Finish coating material available


  • Roof insulation, general building insulation, insulation, low temperature and freezing warehouses, thermal storage tanks and storage tanks, exterior walls, etc.

Use Methods

  • The machine temperature and hose temperature should be set up in accordance with the manualspecified for each machine and with proper conditions.
  • Prior to construction, test foam beforehand to determine the state of the urethane foam.
  • Overall, the primer is applied about 1-2MM and hardened to increase the adhesive effect.
  • No pinholes or pores should be formed during construction, and the surface condition should remain smooth.
  • After priming, the thickness is increased to about 5MM-15MM, and the desired thickness is injected.
    If too much thickness is applied at a time, it will be a main cause of bubble phenomenon and crack due to expansion pressure.

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