Puljun Combination System

It is a composite waterproofing method of Roll & Pour type which attaches Gel-type urethane and
modified non-woven type modified asphalt waterproof sheet to complement the problems of single
waterproof system in high-rise, complicated and diversified environment of modern buildings. 


  • Underground parking upper slab and building rooftop
  • Outside waterproofing of civil engineering structures such as subways, communal areas, underground roads, communication areas
  • Other structures with severe vibration and cracks

Construction Section

  • Double waterproof >> Gel-type urethane membrane + sheet double bond structure
  • Economics >> Simultaneous construction of Gel-type urethane membrane + sheet Reduces construction time and cost
  • Eco >> Gel-type Urethane is a heavy metal free, solvent free and DOP-free environmentally friendly product

Construction Site

Project Info