Solvent-Less Epoxy

Dustproof Flooring

Solvent-less paint composed of epoxy resin and amine-modified resin is a two package-typescoating
material with excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Also, it is self-smoothing type, and
its hardness and smooth surface are formed after curing, and it is a product with excellent durability
even in a mechanical wear environment. 


  • The strength of coating is high.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • It has excellent appearance, durability, chemical resistance and dustproof.
  • Superior to smoothness and scratch resistance.


  • Pharmaceutical companies that require abrasion resistance and dustproof electronic parts and precision equipment factories.
  • Floor of parking lot, machine room, electrical room, office, hospital corridor.
  • Where required by the noise control, such as schools, hospitals, research laboratories.

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