Speed Per Second Hardening Polyurea 

Reactivity of the resin is very convenient to any form of vertical and horizontal substrate, if it is
possible to work in within 3-10 seconds, bringing the GEL-TIME faster.


  • It is possible to apply large area and shorten the air with fewer people be caused by speed per second hardening type.
  • It can be applied to any type of adhered surface, and the coating layer of desired thickness can be freely made.
  • It has excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, durability and water resistance.
  • Pure polyurea product is a solvent less product and does not contain any volatile organic compounds and contains no heavy metal components. 


  • Concrete waterproofing, corrosion coating.
  • Water treatment facility, railroad bridge, steel bridge painting.
  • Ice thermal storage, water heat storage, drinking water tank, water treatment plant, waterproof of waste water disposal plant, corrosion coating.
  • Inside / outside of various chemical chemicals storage tanks and various piping pipe lining.
  •  Industrial facilities, general warehouses, factories, parking lots, etc. Waterproofing / Flooring.

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