Two-Components Non-Exposed Waterproofing Polyurethane

Topics and poly-isocyanate hardener composition of mixed resin consisting of polyols and
cycloparaffin stress tar reaction curable curing of high-performance two-component urethane
products that do not contain the unexposed Waterproof material with excellent elasticity and
elongation Waterproofing paints. 


  • Cooling method is room temperature hardening type and workability is good.
  • Because it forms seamless waterproof layer, it is easy to construct complex part or vertical part.
  • The coating can prevent cracks on the floor surface.
  • The color and thickness of the coating layer can be freely set.
  • The cost of construction is low. • It has excellent water resistance, durability and chemical resistance.


  • Bathroom, basement, garage, deck, parking, indoor non-exposed waterproofing.
  • Rooftop waterproofing.
  • Buildings Underground, water tank, swimming pool Interior / exterior wall Non-exposed waterproofing.
  • Outdoor non-exposed waterproofing of verandas and terraces.
  • Sewage treatment plants, septic tank.

Construction Methods

*The above construction conditions are common construction methods and can be applied differently depending on the site conditions. 

Physical Properties

Project Info